Why?   What we do.   When to use it.   What we provide.    Our experience.

Because either you engage people in their own learning, or you waste their time. If you take the development of people as a critical success factor, then learning design is a key ally in building workforce capability.

What we do:
We work with you to understand who the learners are, what results they have to deliver and what learning they need to be able to deliver them. We collaborate at every step of the design process to make sure you know what’s being created will accomplish your objectives.

When to use it (if any of these are present):

  • When your people must further develop their abilities to achieve a goal;
  • When an organization needs to embrace different ways of responding to challenges in order to move ahead;
  • When an organization needs to improve its performance of a unique skill-set that cannot be acquired through off-the-shelf products.
What we provide:
  • Overall design leadership, including partnering with internal resources and appropriate subject-matter experts;
  • Customized design work, including blended programs combining off-the-shelf materials within a larger curriculum;
  • Delivery capability; Train-the-trainer modules;
  • Learning materials, from Participant Workbooks to Facilitator Guides to various Learning Tools;
  • Follow-through design and consulting to insure application.

Our experience includes:

  • For a global technology company focused on innovation and process improvement: a phased-learning program consisting of three multi-day seminars, interspersed with project-based assignments based on participants’ top performance objectives;
  • For a national insurer: a series of leadership development programs focused on team mobilization and managing change. Programs included self-assessment, simulations, outdoor action-learning activities, attitude surveys and small-group work;
  • For a provincial emergency relief agency that had distributed its funds and completed its mandate: a six week transition program to support employees re-entering the job market;
  • For a global mining company wanting to ensure effective and consistent frontline leadership across three continents: an 8 module program including both leadership and technical training that ROI studies confirmed increased productivity and profitability.
  • For a north-american  logistics company: a series of applied strategic thinking programs to strengthen the ability of senior leaders to collectively engage with their shifting business environment;
  • For a professional services firm: a series of team development seminars for all employees to improve collaboration and re-design work processes;
  • For an international laboratory testing & research firm: a management skills curriculum to enable front-line managers to improve performance through effective communication;
  • For a large urban hospital: curriculums for senior leaders on building capability and strategic action that won national awards of excellence.