Why?   What we do.  When to use it.   What we provide.   Our experience.


Meetings done poorly waste time and sap energy. Done well, they become the springboards for success. A critical meeting is an opportunity to get things done, whether that means making some difficult decisions, designing a product launch, or creating a new strategy.

What we do:

Skilled at creating environments that allow for effective conversations, we support groups to successfully address their most significant challenges and opportunities, working from the level of team conversations all the way up to “whole-systems” gatherings, where an organization needs to bring many voices and varying perspectives into conversation with one another.

When to use it (if any of these are present):

  • A lot needs to be addressed in a little time;
  • The way forward is unclear;
  • The stakes are high;
  • The emotions/stress levels are high;
  • Strongly-held different opinions are present;
  • Participants have a history of negative interactions;
  • Everyone needs to be a participant in the meeting and not a manager of it.

 What we provide:

  •   Pre-meeting consultation and design;
  •   A structure to achieve the objectives within the time available;
  •   The ability to create positive participation and candour;
  •   The ability to facilitate difficult issues and interactions;
  •   A willingness to push and challenge where necessary;
  •   An effective use of the meeting space(s);
  •   An ability to monitor the group’s energy and adapt in real-time;
  •   The ongoing documentation of thinking and decisions.

Our Experience Includes:

  • For a group of the top thirty engineers at a technology company, we facilitated a two day innovation offsite to have them understand the synergies between their various expertises, identify their core technologies and produce a white paper on their “go forward” product opportunities.
  • For a large urban school board, we held public consultations on special education, resulting in a report which had its recommendations adopted by the board’s trustees.
  • For an industrial products company undergoing significant market challenges, we facilitated a three day meeting of their sales and operations groups to redesign and restructure their work to be more nimble and focused.
  • For a media company whose flagship publication was losing market share to internet alternatives, we facilitated two five-day cross-functional “skunk works” for them to reinvent their business model and products.
  • For a department in the Federal Government that had to address how it would handle a larger mandate, we facilitated a two-day “conversation” to strengthen their readiness and create concrete next steps.
  • For an all-volunteer association that had large turn-over and was reforming its executive group, we facilitated a series of meetings to clarify the organization’s purpose.
  • For a technology company that wanted to align the organization around its future, we facilitated a two-day interactive strategy meeting for 100 leaders and high-potentials to envision new organizational designs and outcomes.