Why?  What we do.   When to undertake.   What we provide.   Our Experience.


Leadership Development doesn’t roll in on the wheels of inevitability. Bench strength doesn’t develop by wishing for it. When effective leadership is present, its effects spread everywhere–from recruitment and retention to strategy and execution, from a positive culture to a positive bottom line.

What we do: 

Able to address both the overall architecture and the individual components of a Leadership Development initiative, we work with an organization to explore who the initiative should target, what development they need, and how that development is best achieved and measured.

When to undertake:

  • When you ask who are the next leaders in this organization and you can’t come  up with an answer;
  • When talent is walking out the door and the exit interviews indicate a lack of development as a causal factor;
  • When talent is walking out the door and poor leadership is a factor; (Remember: people leave bosses more than they leave companies.)
  • When people are floundering with direction, execution isn’t where it needs to be, and a sense of shared purpose is in decline;
  • When the upcoming challenges—be they accelerated growth, a downturn in the economy or a competitor’s new product—are daunting;
  • When you’re good and you know you’re good, but you also know you can be still better.

What we provide:

  • Broad and deep experience in the development of effective leadership programs;
  • An commitment to integrate theory, experience and application:
  • An ability to engage in collaborations that create synergy and produce results;
  • An ability to understand “the sweet spot” where the developing leader, the leadership content and the learning methods intersect.

Our experience includes:

  • For a pharma company assessed as under-led and over-managed, we designed a four day leadership program for directors that included 360 feedback, coaching, content and application.
  • For a global technology company we designed a phased-learning program that included learning teams working on process improvement projects that recouped the costs of the program. The design won awards from the American Society for Training and Development.
  • For an internal Strategy group in the federal government, we designed a team-based leadership development cycle, including 360 and team feedback, personal development planning and team visioning.
  • For a large children’s hospital needing to increase its senior executive bench-strength, we partnered with internal resources to design and deliver content elements on strategy and building capability as part of a year-long leadership development cycle.
  • For a community organization that develops community leaders, we designed a ten month leadership journey that involved significant action learning initiatives, coaching , and team development.
  • For a large chemical company, we designed a 7-phase leadership development program, including a learning project for each participant, presentations to executives and applied peer learning.
  • For a global mining company wanting to ensure more effective frontline leadership, we developed an 8 module program including both leadership and technical learning that ROI studies confirmed increased productivity and profitability.