who_daleDale Sutton, M.B.A.: Dale has worked in organizations for over thirty years, including managerial work in the Federal Government as well as in leading packaged goods companies, such as Procter & Gamble and Unilever. She was formerly the head of the Small Business Consulting Centre at York University. During these years, Dale lived her belief that people are an organization’s most important asset, and translated that belief into a dynamic organizational consulting practice that began in 1998. Dale has become a sought-after coach for executive and managers who believe that their own professional development and that of their people go hand in hand. Dale has a particular passion for consulting on the “people” side of change management, focusing on vision setting, team mobilization,  and facilitating groups to align around their strategy.



who_ken_newKen Victor, M.A.: Ken has spent the past twenty years working with people in organizations. He focuses on leadership development and coaching, mobilizing teams, and strategy facilitation. His experience extends from boardrooms to factory floors, from building high-performance organizations to supporting dysfunctional teams to transform themselves, to coaching “high potentials” to fulfill their promise. With an extensive background in experiential learning, Ken was formerly the Director of the Outward Bound Centre for Change, as well as having co-founded a simulation-based learning company for knowledge organizations. He’s designed award-winning leadership curriculums and taught at leading corporate universities. A two-time presenter at the Organization Development Network Conference and at The Best of Organization Development, he makes his home in the Gatineau Hills of West Quebec with his wife and their three children.



who_billBill Templeman, M.A.:  Bill’s broad experience in helping organizations includes working as an internal management development consultant at a major financial institution; designing and facilitating seminars on change management, team effectiveness and facilitation skills for public & private sector clients, coaching in both these sectors, and co-authoring a curriculum that won awards from the American Society of Training and Development.  His extensive background serves him well as a coach, where Bill supports clients who want both to shift ineffective patterns of behavior and to understand the context within which their results are delivered. His team mobilization workshops have been received with equal success at both front-line and management levels.  Bill has designed and  written training programs for a wide range of corporate clients and is the author of the book Leadership Basics for Frontline Managers. His writing has appeared in journals, newspapers and national magazines across Canada.



karinKarin Hoernig, B.Sc: Karin is a seasoned consultant, coach, facilitator and trainer whose over twenty years of experience includes extensive program design, development and delivery as well as project management of training and consultation initiatives.  Having worked with organizations and projects from the corporate, government, and not-for-profit sectors, she brings a depth of experience and perspective to her work.

Karin’s unique style is focused, collaborative, personal and practical. She has been described as insightful, approachable, thought provoking, and fun. Her intention is to inspire clients, both individuals and teams, to be more insightful, productive and motivated.



who_louiseLouise Klein, PhD.Louise Klein, PsyD.: Louise has nearly a decade of experience as an executive coach, working with top executives, technical thought-leaders and middle managers in major corporations, entrepreneurial businesses, healthcare institutions and government agencies. Louise began her work as a clinical psychologist, equipping clients to cope with personal and family crises, trauma and loss. As an executive coach, Louise gives her clients the tools they need to read verbal and nonverbal cues and the self-awareness to manage their own emotions when they face conflict, scrutiny or frustration. Engaging and pragmatic, Louise is especially skilled at working with engineering, medical, financial and scientific thought-leader executives to be more skilled at managing the human factors that affect executive team success. Along with her involvement with Edgework, she also serves as a principal in The Courage Institute and co-ordinates The Institute’s global executive coaching practice.



who_markMark Maitman, B.Ed.: Mark has designed and taught courses in innovative thinking, critical thinking and philosophy, as well as English and classical literature. Since 1991 Mark has been helping organizations both public and private to maximize their effectiveness by recognizing and leveraging their strengths in teamwork and leadership. His teaching experience helps in the process of custom designing programs to meet client needs. As a critical thinker, he is counted on to analyze data gained from interviews and other sources, and come to insightful conclusions that inform program design. He has also developed a simplified process for strategic planning that allows teams of people to quickly identify the key directions their organizations must pursue. Skilled at building group consensus, Mark leads groups through innovative thinking to problem solution. These skills, along with his knowledge of experiential team building, make Mark a valuable asset to the Edgework team.



hilary-samuel-close-cropHilary Samuel, M.A.: Hilary specializes in leadership development, transition through change and employee engagement. She supports  her clients to reach beyond the ordinary to develop inventive strategies and align existing resources to achieve new goals. An expert in the art and science of learning, Hilary has taught on four continents and has worked with people from all walks of life and a diversity of cultures. In over 20 years as a learning practitioner, Hilary has crafted programs for change which operate at organizational, team and individual levels.





who_ted2Ted Thiessen: Ted has close to thirty years in organizational and program evaluation both in Canada and around the world. His focus is looking at organizations and their efforts–whether it’s in leadership development or culture change or health care delivery–and assessing their effectiveness, with an eye towards making changes in order to ensure success.
To his work as a consultant, he brings a combination of the “harder” analytic, synthetic and research skills with the interpersonal skills required to work with the staff of organizations from grassroots to boardrooms.